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Newsletter for Kofax Users

Posted in [Kofax] By Neal Fischer


January 31, 2012


Hershey Technologies welcomes the New Year with several exciting new features for users and managers affiliated with Kofax Capture software.   We understand that change is a constant in our industry, with new operating systems,   software product releases, evolving use of mobile devices and enterprise security issues are some to the topics Hershey Technologies technical support team is prepared to address!


With the widespread adoption of Windows 7 and movement to further streamline manual business processes, Kofax Capture version 10 provides compliance to Microsoft operating certification standards and “sets the standard” document automation services!
Let our team assist you to take advantage of Kofax Capture upgraded feature sets and Windows 7 support .  Access to software upgrades is only a part of your firm’s software support entitlements.   A complete listing of your coverage can be found on our website.  What’s New for Kofax Capture? 
A new user interface compliant with Microsoft Office 2010 fluent user interface standards, new zero foot-print WEB validation client, and greatly improved deployment and form classification offerings!   
Expanded “Point of Origin Capture” Offerings  
Business analysts and line of business managers should be made aware that the Kofax Capture v10 platform can easily be expanded to support the option to capture content directly where documents are received.  With the use of Kofax Front Office Server and Kofax Mobile Capture options, use of mobile phone, tablets and expanded support of MFP devices and Web scanning support are now enabled.
For more information on feature upgrades, browse all the new feature updates in the complete Kofax Capture product suite.
Providing service also includes notice of cost avoidance.   One of the easiest ways is to ensure your firm is regularly updated on the current version of software.  By staying updated, administrators can avoid extended support fees and maintain compliance with Kofax software support policy of the current and one prior version.  Users of version 8 or earlier have received end of life notification with limited and more costly support options.
Plan an upgrade now and attend Transform 2012 ! Offer Expires March 7th
Hershey Technologies recommends line of business managers responsible for administration of Kofax Capture software, to contact our office to schedule an upgrade consultation and take advantage of this quarter’s upgrade promotions.    Schedule a Kofax Capture software upgrade service with our firm on or before March 7th 2012 and Hershey Technologies will include admission to Kofax Transform!    
Learn more about educational and training opportunities here!
Kofax Transform!  March 11-13th at the San Diego Bay Front Hilton.   

Newsletter for Kofax Users  -   September 3, 2013


Trust everyone had an enjoyable summer !   Here in San Diego our location appeals to a number of outdoor activities year round. With the end to summer we look back on what offers we have and the new wave of software and hardware offerings.  Everyone of our suppliers have released new versions of software all of them with expanded offerings addressing the impact of global mobility.   A lot of great truly innovative software solutions have come out of the Kofax and Hershey Technologies brain trust.  We may not be able to cover all the content in this blog, however let me share my insight on what is awaiting in the following areas:


ECM Capture


Over the past year Kofax has made a number of technology acquisitions as well as updating core functionality in range of their core information capture offerings.   Kofax continues to extend market leadership as noted by industry analysts Harvey Spencer, and the Forester group.  Key updates include OCR performance with advanced document recognition (KTM v6.0), usability improvements with distributed MFP and WEB scanning (KFS 4.0) and greatly improved electronic file import features supporting email, file folder and FAX content capture applications with Kofax Import Connectors (KIC 2.1).  


Kofax also simplified procurement practices by offering “bundles” that consist of pre-configured modules and knowledgebase for AP Invoice Automation, Mailroom Automation, and tight integration with Kofax TotalAgility workflow business process management software.  Kofax authored an informative youtube video on invoice processing automation  -  See AP Invoice Automation Overview Video - click here


A few more items to share….


A few new entries Kofax Mobile Capture and Analytics offerings.


Kofax Mobile Capture continues to garner industry acclaim and client adoption by allowing organizations to extend a mobility solution that can provide a system of engagement to easily communicate and transform image data with existing Kofax information transformation modules that connect with corporate systems of record (ERP, ECM,CRM.).  Typical processes that can benefit from mobile applications include: customer onboarding, claims processing, proof of delivery and expense management submittals. If you have not already tested or seen a demonstration there are three (3) Kofax Mobile applications available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. To learn more about Kofax Mobile Capture

 Lastly Kofax Analytics for Capture™ add-on module was announced back in late March with .   This new business intelligence module provides optimized out-of-the-box dashboards focused on elevating the visibility into the effectiveness of your capture solution.  More importantly, Kofax Analytics for Capture delivers interactive views into system performance, accuracy and productivity to better enable administrators to report on the effectiveness of their capture solution and improve overall system throughput.


WEB Interactive Demonstration of Kofax Analytics for Capture - Click Here


If your organization has SharePoint and is considering using SharePoint for ECM , please let us know !   We have a great deal of experience providing innovative solutions around the SharePoint platform.  Look for upcoming webinars and our seminar series for more in-depth information on our solution offerings.


Best Wishes,


Neal Fischer







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