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Your staff truly has gone the extra mile to make sure that this project is a success – I expected your staff would be expert and professional, based on the reports of other projects you have had with the County. I did not expect the extreme commitment to ensuring that our smallest needs were met, I have been much more than pleasantly amazed."

-Daniel Knowlton
Chief Deputy Registrar
Office of Vital Records


Company Overview


Hershey Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is an established leader in ECM solutions including transactional content capture, imaging, enterprise content management, records management, InfoPath eForms, collaboration, and workflow automation leveraging Microsoft SharePoint.

Our suite of hardware, software, and professional support accelerates business processes transforming manual processes into accurate, highly automated systems that deliver information to your business applications.  We offer best of breed hardware, software, and value-add services focused on:



Simply put, we are experts at automating document-based communication.  


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About Hershey Technologies


Hershey Technologies offers SharePoint document management and has been delivering solutions for document imaging, data capture, and workflow since 1991.  As a recognized ECM systems integrator for nearly 20 years, we provide customized out-of-the-box document automation and records management solutions to meet unique corporate requirements.

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 A Minute Can Save
A clerical worker paid $14.00 an hour costs 23¢ per minute. If the time to process a document is reduced by one minute per document, and a company handles 2,000 documents per day … one minute can save $460 per day or $115,460 per year.

How many minutes can Hershey Technologies save you?


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