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Companies that use Microsoft Dynamics-GP™ typically process 100’s to 1,000’s of vendor invoices per month, which requires time consuming data entry into their GP system.

Since invoices from each vendor have different layouts, traditional OCR technologies cannot effectively read data from most invoices. Therefore, many companies still rely on manual input of in-voice data which is slow and error prone. Additionally, invoices are typically routed manually to various people, sometimes in multiple locations, for review, GL Coding and approval, resulting in a slow payment process that is difficult to track.

Hershey Technologies’ AP Invoice Workflow solution for Dynamics-GP™ leverages SharePoint 2010, InfoPath, and Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) for a powerful data capture and work-flow solution that enables organizations to easily capture, route, review and approve invoices.



Automated Invoice Data Capture

Automated OCR Recognition
Using sophisticated OCR processing combined with a specialized knowledgebase for North American invoices, KTM is able to automatically read standard fields (e.g. invoice number, amount, in-voice date, vendor name, PO number) from most invoices regardless of layout.
Using thin client document correction and editing, KTM allows AP staff to quickly validate the invoice data before submitting the invoice for the invoice approval process in SharePoint.

Invoice Approval Process

Once the raw invoice data has been captured, invoice images and data are exported to a document library in your SharePoint 2010 system. As each invoice is saved to SharePoint, a customizable workflow process is automatically initiated to route the invoice document to the right people for review, GL Coding and payment approval.




Workflow Process


Your workflow process can be graphically designed within SharePoint using Nintex™ Workflow and may be as simple or as sophisticated as your business rules require


The workflow routing process for invoice documents is highly configurable with a graphical process designer. For example, different processes can be defined for PO versus Non-PO invoices. The invoice routing screen also can be customized to your requirements and based on the role of each user (e.g. clerk, approver, manager, director).

During the invoice routing process, users can view the scanned invoice images, add comments/annotations or email the invoice image to external users if needed.

IT staff and AP managers can monitor invoices within a workflow process to quickly determine where a particular invoice is in the process and to redirect the invoice if necessary.




Deep Integration with Dynamics-GP


Throughout the approval process, invoices are routed to the appropriate users with an electronic invoice routing form based on Microsoft InfoPath.

The invoice form is deeply integrated with Dynamics-GP yet is highly customizable to your unique business requirements, enabling your SharePoint users to participate directly in AP invoice approval processes.

The following integration points to
Dynamics-GP are included “out of the box”:


  • Search by PO number
  • Search Vendors by name or phone
  • Search GL accounts by description
  • Search duplicate invoices by vendor
  • 2-way/3-way matching
  • Post approved invoices to GP








Features & Benefits


  • Increased productivity per AP staff member and lower AP labor costs
  • Faster invoice processing enabling more early payment discounts
  • Eliminate cost of routing paper documents with robust document management - documents are located and viewed within seconds from any location
  • Easily track and prioritize payments, and identify duplicate or out of policy invoices
  • Enable AP users to locate related invoice documentation directly from your existing accounting application
  • Customizable workflow routing process based on your unique business rules
  • One solution for all AP payment processes regardless of how document is submitted: fax, hardcopy, email attachment, eForm.
  • Workflow dashboard to view aggregated results of invoices processing
  • Detailed drill-down auditing of each invoice processed