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With SharePoint 2010, Microsoft enhanced the document management features to a level that many organizations realize SharePoint is ready for prime time when it comes to document management and that they no longer require a separate ECM system. Today, many organizations that use EMC ApplicationXtender™ to manage their scanned documents also use Microsoft SharePoint™ as a general purpose business platform supporting a wide range of mission critical functions, such as collaboration, workflow, intranet sites, Internet sites, business intelligence and of course document management.

There are numerous document scanning applications that can capture and index paper documents into SharePoint, however migration of document content from an existing ApplicationXtender™ system into SharePoint has proven challenging and expensive. Now, with Hershey’s ApplicationXtender to SharePoint Migration Tool (AX2SP), this migration pro-cess is vastly simplified.



Features & Benefits

  • Select source documents from AX by application or a filtered subset of documents based on user criteria
  • Optionally split documents from one AX application into multiple document libraries or content types
  • Optionally combine documents from multiple AX applications into a single SharePoint content type/library
  • Map metadata from AX source documents to desired SharePoint 2010 site, document library and content type.
  • Robust tracking and monitoring of migration process, including the ability to pause/stop/resume a migration after it is started.
  • Email notification of any errors during the migration process
  • Detailed reporting of migration progress
  • Migration of annotations and full-text data
  • Migrates TIF and PDF formats
  • Optionally convert TIF images to PDF


ApplicationXtender™ to SharePoint 2010 Migration

Key Business Drivers

  • Lower IT support costs through vendor and software application consolidation.
  • Eliminate costly software maintenance agreements.
  • Simplified software integration model.
  • Enhance user adoption with single scalable enterprise platform.



Migration Services Overview

Our AX2SP Migration Tool can be used directly by your IT staff to perform a migration without engaging Hershey’s migration consulting team for professional services. However, most customers prefer to engage our experienced consulting team with their migration project. Hershey’s consulting team follows a four step process for each migration project:

  • Initial assessment of ApplicationXtender (AX)
  • Migration Planning Services
  • Prepare the SharePoint Farm
  • Execute the migration


Initial Assessment of AX System

This initial assessment of the AX system is to gauge the rough scope of the migration project. This no-cost assessment typically requires 2-3 hours.


Migration Planning Services

To ensure a successful migration, careful planning, analysis and documentation is required before the actual migration process starts, including the following topics:

  • Schema/Taxonomy of AX and SharePoint 2010
  • Integration points within the AX system such as workflow, line of business systems or customizations
    to the AX database
  • Usage scenarios within the AX system such as full-text indexing, multi-indexing, annotation and document level security
  • Detailed migration execution plan


Prepare the SharePoint Farm

Based on the Migration Planning Services, our team will configure the appropriate taxonomy and features in your SharePoint 2010 farm, so that SharePoint is ready to support the identical or desired functionality from AX.

This typically includes configuring new site collec-tions, sites, columns, content types, document li-braries and search settings within your SharePoint farm. Additionally, we may install additional web parts, document viewers or other SharePoint solu-tions to replicate the functionality of your AX envi-ronment within SharePoint 2010.


Execute the Migration

Once the SharePoint farm is prepared, Hershey’s AX2SP Migration Tool can be used to move your AX documents into SharePoint 2010, based on the Detailed Migration Plan. Once configured, AX2SP runs in an automated fashion; And because it includes email notification of any migration issues, there is no need for an administrator to “baby-sit” the migration tool while it runs. Depending on the size of the AX environment and your business requirements, the migration may be complete in a day or so or it could be spread over a longer period of time. The migration may optionally be performed in “stages”, for different departments or AX Applications.

AX2SP can be installed and configured by Hershey’s consulting team or we can train your IT staff to use the tool directly.


Custom Document Management

Using custom component’s such as Hershey’s XenDocs Search Web Part and the Vizit™ Pro viewer your SharePoint system can be easily customized to provide a similar or better ECM experience compared to your current AX system.





AX2SP Migration Tool $4,995 Single workstation, perpetual license to migrate an unlimited number of documents.
Migration Planning Services $4,995 - $14,995* Estimated costs based on typical migrations. Actual costs TBD after the Initial Assessment is complete.
Migration Services $2,495 - $14,995* Estimated costs based on typical migrations. Actual costs TBD after the Migration Planning Services is complete.


System Requirements

ApplicationXtender v5.4 - v6.x
SharePoint 2010 (Foundation or Server)
Client Workstation

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 or 2008

32-bit or 64-bit

Supported file types TIF, PDF, JPEG, GIF