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What's New with Kofax
Kofax Analytics for Capture
Exciting new solutions from Kofax improve decision support based on actual data.
Hershey Technologies is pleased to offer Kofax Analytics for Capture™ an Altasoft business intelligence application that provides optimized out-of-the-box dashboards focused on elevating the visibility into the effectiveness of your capture solution. More importantly, Kofax Analytics for Capture delivers interactive views into system performance, accuracy and productivity to better enable administrators to report on the effectiveness of their capture solution and improve overall system throughput.
With Kofax Analytics for Capture providing real-time information through interactive web-based dashboards you can:
  • Review the number of batches and documents currently in the system. With a single click, filter the number of batches and documents by batch class and quickly identify any bottlenecks in the process. This helps make quick decisions to assign staff accordingly.
  • Evaluate productivity statistics of your teams. Drill-down into the number of batches, documents and pages processed per hour, per day, per month or per year per team or per business process.
  • View accuracy metrics between extraction and validation to identify possible improvements. Drill-down to field level to identify low confidence fields that cause manual corrections and help to set the right actions to improve the capture process quality.
  • Gain critical insight into all aspects of your capture solution including performance, accuracy, and costs.


Benefits of Kofax Analytics for Capture
  • Uncover real-time trends of your processes to make timely decisions.
  • Empower business users with self-service interactive web-based dashboards to provide process and business insight without the need to involve IT to build new reports or adjust database queries.
  • Adjust dashboards on the fly and share with anyone.
  • Easily access and consolidate data from multiple Kofax Capture™ installations and apply security roles to protect data accordingly
  • Provides business a scalable enterprise business intelligence platform using Kofax Altosoft’s revolutionary, 100%codeless approach features ultra low-latency data monitoring and analysis across operational databases, warehouses, and other data sources. It integrates real-time event monitoring and business process optimization. It also enables dashboard development in minutes with a unique browser-based, drag-and-drop interface.




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