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Customer Support News

As entitlement to your software support subscription please find attached quarterly newsletter providing an update to the Kofax Capture software platform.

Kofax - A Single Solution for Information Capture

Kofax Capture is a powerful platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information at the perimeter of the organization or wherever they are received. Kofax Capture accelerates business processes by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, actionable information, and delivering it all into your line of business applications, workflows, repositories and databases.  

Software Updates 

For Hershey Technologies clients with a current software maintenance contract*, software updates and upgrades are included in your assurance program.  Listed below are updates to specific  Kofax Capture products.  
*Professional Services not included

Kofax Capture Software Updates (As of December 28, 2012)


Request Assistance for Software Upgrade Projects


Download Instructions

Kofax software is available online at
If you do not have a login…
  1. Please click on the Create a new account link. 
  2. Enter the information requested and based on the Serial # entered you will be granted access to the appropriate media.
  3. The software in an ISO format. This requires that a disc is burned or third party software installed to mount the ISO image.