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Kofax Transformation Module 5.5


Native PDF Support

Provides enhanced support for hybrid digital mailroom solutions by classifying and extracting PDF documents created from faxes and office documents using Kofax Capture import connectors, utilizing the PDF text layer so that the need for OCR is eliminated. This means Kofax Transformation Modules customers can deploy a single solution to handle all documents, paper or electronic.

Change Batch Class on the Fly 

Allows different configurations for different processing steps – such as classification and extraction of forms, and extraction of correspondence – reducing both solution complexity and configuration and maintenance costs. Each configuration can be created and maintained separately, so the solution is easier to manage.

Project Merge Tool

Supports parallel development of configuration files, which allows multiple developers to work on the same solution at the same time, reducing timescales and allowing specialized skills to be leveraged more efficiently.


Provides a new separation benchmarking tool and improves the classification and extraction benchmarking tools, adding the ability to easily compare results before and after making changes to classification settings to determine whether performance has improved. This helps to ensure that the highest accuracy is achieved and maintained on all document types, thereby increasing ROI.

Training Conflict Management 

Provides a new tool to identify and resolve conflicts between documents used for extraction training, thereby improving learning and performance and delivering greater extraction accuracy without the need to add new training samples. 

Kofax Search and Matching Server (KSMS)

Supports matching and validation of extracted data against databases containing millions of records using a dedicated server. Features super-fast response, support for very large databases through 64-bit support, automatic update of data sources, load balancing across multiple servers, automatic scheduled update of databases, and high availability features.

PO Line Item Matching Enhancements 

Requires AP Invoice Add-on- KTM now supports multi-PO invoices to increase automatic matching and straight-through processing rates, thereby reducing processing costs, and provides additional learning options.

Sticky notes 

Allows Validation users to attach "sticky notes" to documents to pass information and comments to users of downstream business applications, improving efficiency by reducing the need for emails, phone calls or other communications.

Thin Client Validation Enhancements

Supports custom layouts and buttons, domain login, single sign-on, and annotations; preserves user defined settings such as username at login screen and UI settings between sessions; and provides a comprehensive set of batch editing options – all to improve ease of use, user experience, productivity and processing speed.  

Improved Localization Support (Validation) 

Provides new project settings to make it easier to provide a fully localized interface to users, including both menu items and labels. Supports two new localization languages: Swedish and Polish.

Validation Module Usability Enhancement 

Provides a new docking feature that can place the document image at the left, right, top or bottom to make maximum use of screen real estate. Enables users to override the default image position and zoom settings to suit their preference and preserve their settings for next time.