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"80% of employees waste an average of half an hour per day retrieving information, while 60% are spending an hour or more duplicating the work of others."

-- Source: Bae Systems



Document Capture


Document capture is much more than scanning pieces of paper.


Hershey Technologies offers digital document capture solutions that enable organizations to improve business performance by scanning documents directly at the point of need for document entry into a business workflow. Hershey Technologies can design and deploy distributed document capture systems for both transactional and batch-oriented digital document capture applications.


Common client engagements include:

  • Scanning, recognizing, classifying and processing paper to a secure electronic web-accessible archive or workflow
  • Enabling usage of advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to replace costly manual re-keying of critical business documents, such as sales/purchase orders, invoices, and HR documents
  • Enabling a comprehensive content capture architecture that can collect documents and data from email, fax, digital copiers, electronic forms and scanned files, into a managed business process


Recognition Process


Document Capture Tools

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XenDocs Capture Tools

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