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“I am pretty excited to see the progress your team is making so far. When we conceived this project I was worried that data conversion might be largely manual. You guys have already shown it can be largely automated. That's a great relief!"


-- Boeing


Hosted Solutions


Business Process Outsourcing


Hershey’s Business Process Outsourcing solutions are designed for organizations that do not wish to utilize their own staff for tasks related to document preparation, scanning, data entry and OCR validation. Hershey’s BPO team can document and data capture tasks on your behalf. You provide the source documents and Hershey returns high quality scanned images for every page along with any index data or line of business information from those source documents. The images and data can be provided back to you in nearly any format or uploaded directly into Hershey’s hosted online document management system, powered by XenDocs, for secure access over the web.


If your paper documents are too sensitive to leave your facility, our staff can setup a scanning operation within your site and work from there. But if you prefer, we are happy to bring your documents to our facility for processing.

Getting Started Quickly and Easily

By subscribing to a XenDocs hosted system, you can get of all of the power of a sophisticated XenDocs content management and workflow solution with virtually no impact to your organization’s IT team or infrastructure.

Your hosted solution requires little to no upfront capital investment in hardware or software and significantly reduced staffing/training requirements.

Your document management solution will be up and running quickly; in some cases within the same day. Users easily access their content in XenDocs through standard web browsers: Internet Explorer and FireFox.


Our hosting data center is a 24x7x365 operation. A fully trained IT and support staff provides system administration and live phone technical support around the clock.

Your subscription to a hosted XenDocs solution includes software updates and major upgrades at no additional cost.


Your data is encrypted any time it is sent to/from your XenDocs server. Additionally, your stored data is fully isolated from other customers and we provide a dedicated web/application server for your XenDocs system.
Your content is secure from unauthorized access and we provide a detailed audit trail of actual and attempted access to your system.

Hershey performs automated daily backups of all of your data. Backups are routinely verified to ensure disaster recovery. If you terminate your agreement we guarantee to provide your data within 5 days. Backups are archived to a separate geographic location from the main data center.
We guarantee a minimum uptime of 99%.

Document and Data Capture

Your hosted XenDocs solution is compatible with a wide range of data and document capture options, including dedicated scanners, MFPs, email, eForms and electronic documents.

Manual data entry and document indexing tasks can be automated using a wide range of “best of breed” OCR technologies such as Kofax Capture™ , TeleForm™ and ABBYY FlexiCapture™ .

XenDocs is compatible with several approaches for document capture:

  • Your staff can scan documents directly into the hosted XenDocs server and index them online.
  • You can scan and index your documents locally and save the indexed documents into XenDocs. This approach may optionally incorporate OCR technology to minimize data entry.
  • Outsource your scanning and indexing tasks to Hershey’s service bureau.

The Right Solution

Working with Hershey’s experienced implementation/consulting team ensures that your data capture and hosted content management and/or workflow solution will meet or exceed your critical business requirements.


Unlike some hosted document management services, XenDocs includes a very sophisticated workflow (BPA/BPM) engine that allows your business processes to be mapped into a graphical process design.

Using XenDocs Workflow, your documents can be dynamically routed to the right people at the right time based on your business rules. Users are notified via email when documents are waiting for their review and documents are easily accessed through XenDocs’ web based work queues, as well as embedded links within email notifications.


XenDocs excels at supporting highly complex workflow requirements, including dynamic eForms, custom application integration, database connectivity and parallel document routing. However, many of our clients also use XenDocs for everyday document management without workflow.

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