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“90% of corporate memory exists on paper. Of all the documents that get handled each day in the average office, 90% are merely shuffled.”

--Source: Coopers & Lybrand Imersion Technologies, Inc.


Document Workflow


Automatically route the right documents to the right users at the right time.


Hershey offers four BPM platforms:

  1. Microsoft Office SharePoint - Ideal platform for Enterprise Content Management and collaboration. More about Microsoft Office SharePoint ...
  2. Cardiff LiquidOffice - Ideal for eForm-centric workflows. More about Cardiff Liquid Office ...
  3. XenDocs Workflow - Based on Windows Workflow Foundations, it is ideal for document or eForm-centric workflows. More about XenDocs Workflow ...
  4. Windows Workflow Foundations - Ideal for highly customized workflows that are not related to a document or an eForm.


Below are two examples of a simple workflow process:


Accounts Payable Workflow


Accounts Payable Workflow


Human Resources Workflow


Human Resources Workflow


Document-oriented workflows (Business Process Management – BPM) enable business processes to be highly automated while providing detailed visibility into the current state of each document. Workflows can be initiated from a scanned image, an electronic document or an eForm that is submitted online.

Using a graphical process designer, custom workflow processes can be developed in XenDocs to provide sophisticated document-centric, business process automation and management solutions. Using workflow, XenDocs can automatically route documents to the right user at the right time for tasks, such as review, validation and approval. Additionally, workflow processes can be easily integrated with 3rd party applications and databases.

Workflow processes respond dynamically to business conditions and rules so that the right person receives the document at the right time. Workflows can be defined in a graphical process designer, sometimes requiring little or no custom programming. Workflow processes can also accelerate integration with other applications and databases, while providing notification to users via email.


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